Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Husband Accepts Me

We went to Tequila (finally!) weekend before last with our awesome A-100/GDL friends K and D, plus another A-100 classmate who was visiting from Monterrey.   Tequila is only like a 45 minute drive from Guadalajara, so it was the perfect day trip.

Tequila is a nice little town that obviously has some wealth (aka. tourism money), and some really delicious and refreshing cantoritos.  Let's just say I think I found my new favorite alcoholic drink. 

I hope to post more about our trip - plus pictures, but I started this post in the first place because of a funny thing I just remembered, and I want to make sure to at least get that down. 

Music is a big part of life in our family.  And of course we usually all want to be listening to different stuff.  This makes road trips that much more interesting and fun!  Because we are often just too tired to fight, N and I end up deferring to the girls and what they want to hear.  Well, on the way to Tequila, Birdie had ruled the iPod for the first half of the trip.  She's got her own playlist on both of our iPods, and loves to be in charge.  Although some of her songs are songs that we all like, the majority tend to be dance-beat heavy and very up-to-the-moment songs that make us realize we are PARENTS from a different generation.  (This side of her music taste is influenced by Chema's "party bus" school car pool where teenager Stephen rules the music, and from kids her age in general.  Going along with music, our Birdie just LOVES to dance.)

Anyway, half an hour into the boom boom boom of Birdie's playlist, N had had enough. 

Birdie: "You mean "Dad.""

N fiddled with the iPod looking for a song.  I was prepared to hear some Dire Straights, or Nickel Creek, or maybe even some Paul Simon.  I like those too (at least NC and PS - N would laugh if he heard me saying I was a DS fan), but would honestly prefer some stuff that is more me.  But I don't really care.  See, in the whole music hiarchy of our family, it tends to be a battle between Birdie and N for top dog, with Deevie and Cubby vying for second place.  (Yes, Cubby has definite song wants as well.)  I usually just accept.  What a martyr, huh?

So N chose a song and adjusted the volume.  I just gazed out the window as Jalisco sped past, the distinct blue-green agave fields zipping by.  Suddenly the song that N chose came on.  It was Robert Pattinson singing "Never Think" from the Twilight soundtrack.  I snapped to attention and whirled around to look at N.  We both burst out laughing.  As if he'd really choose that! 

I know, I know.  Long, over-dramatized story for so little pay-off.  But man was it funny. To me.