Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chacala Beach with Geema and Geepa!

The wonderful Geema and Geepa came down for a visit, and here are some pics of our perfect trip to Chacala Beach.

Geepa and Cubby watch the sun go to bed.

Boats and beautiful sky.

Unprompted sisterly closeness.

Even with 7 people traveling in a 7 person van, we had to have room for the guitar.

Cubby was a little worried about coconuts falling on his head - so he'd put his hoodie on for protection.
We were a little worried about them falling on the van.

Fresh coconut, just like the Philippines. Except here we (I) ate them with chile, limón and sal.
A heaven. 

Daddy and Birdie show Cubby how to jump the waves.
Chacala was the perfect beach for kids - long, very slowly sloping shore, with gentle waves and silky sand. It helped that our house was right on the beach and we could hang out in our palapa while the kids frolicked.

Couldn't get enough of the sunsets.

Three generations watching the pelicans dive for breakfast.

Whale watching. As Cubby would say, "That is really cool!"
We all hoped that the whales were smart enough to not come up right under our little boat.
Birdie: "I feel like every wave we go over is a whale!"

This one was particularly close. You could see all the scars on his back - which made a big impact on the kids. The girls kept asking why he would have so many scars. "What is he running into? Isn't the ocean just water?" 
Just chattin' in the sun.
One of my favorite memories: walking the entire shoreline in each other's foot steps.
Deevie: "Dad, it's like there is only one set of feet!"
Daddy in a deep, booming voice: "My child, that is when I carried you..."
(I may have been the only one to get that.)