Monday, July 28, 2014

First Impressions of Sarajevo

We are here! We've had a wonderful and pretty surreal weekend walking around the new neighborhood. It rains a lot in the summer so it's green and gorgeous everywhere:

Restaurant "Inat Kuca," one of the first things we talked about in language class, suddenly a real thing:

Below on the left is Vijećnica, former city hall, now national library. It was destroyed during war in the 90s, later rebuilt, and recently reopened.

A church:

Site of the assassination of Archduke of Austria in 1914, which led directly to WWI:

A mosque:

Narra's favorite thing so far is sarma (cabbage rolls, bottom of pic):

On your right is the fountain of Sebilj, which is in Baščaršija, which is not the easiest thing to pronounce. Baščaršija is the market/bazaar section of the city, built in the 15th century.

Sarajevans drinks a lot of coffee and this is how they do it. In the cup are two sugar cubes. I think I was supposed to take the other thing out before I poured. Whoops!

Most of what we've eaten so far came from this shop:

Lots of steep roads:

Sarajevo brewery -- planning to eat lunch at the restaurant there today.

Our apartment is nice and sunny and already beginning to feel like home. Given everything, this has been an amazingly smooth transition so far.  Thanks to the efforts of our sponsor we even had internet from the first moment--hence this post!

The 12-hr time change has been rough, of course--we were up at 4am today and we've all been cranky at times--but hopefully everyone can power through until around 7pm today and get on the same schedule.

First day of work is tomorrow!


  1. Yeah Sarma! That's the equivalent of Ukrainian holupchi (stuffed cabbage) - my favorite, too!!!

  2. I knew you'd love it there! :) see you guys soon!!